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$1,450.00 - On Sale

PROJECTB5 - PJRS6-028/029 Audi 2.7 Turbocharger Upgrade
Fits: B5 Audi S4, B5 RS4, C5 A6 2.7t, C5 ALL ROAD 2.7t

These modified C5 RS6 style turbochargers are tried/true performers designed to bolt right up to your 2.7tt Audi & support ~600 horsepower pending fuel/supporting mods. One can expect faster spool & more of a "usable" power band versus some of the laggier rs6-based hybrid offerings to market.

-OEM-style RS6 castings modified/tig welded in-house for 2.7 fitment.
-CHRA's are VSR balanced for longevity, come standard with 360degree thrust bearings, step-gap oil seals, and arrive pre-primed for install.
-Available with OE-style or Mamba's billet adjustable wastegates.
-Designed to bolt up to all factory oil/coolant lines, as well as lower intercooler pipes/couplers.

*Usage of these turbos requires oversized aftermarket inlet pipes
*Usage of these turbos requires hybrid-flanged or rs6 specific flanged downpipes
*1 year warranty to the original buyer that PB5 will, at its discretion and with proper documentation from a qualified mechanic, repair or replace a turbocharger that has failed due to defects in materials and/or original workmanship. All associated labor charges for diagnosis and repair are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Over-speeding or F.O.D. is not covered by the warranty!