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PROJECTB5 - Audi 2.7 2in-1out FMIC / Piping Kit
-A top quality front mount intercooler kit for your twin turbo 2.7 Audi

-2>1 Intercooler
*4" Thick Bar & Plate Core Rated to 750+hp
-Intercooler Brackets / Hardware
-Custom 2.5" Hot Side / 3" Cold Side Aluminum Charge Piping
-Fresh-Air intakes off each turbocharger / Air filters
-Optional: Draw-Thru style with oversized Y-Pipe/Inlets
*Billet Tial 50mm BOV/DV Flange
*Billet MAP sensor flange
*Billet MAF sensor flange
-Black Silicone Couplers
-T-Bolt Clamp Set
-RAW or Wrinkle Texture Black powdercoat comes standard / Custom colors available by request
*Hand fabricated in the USA
Built to order - Typical lead time of ~30 days pending shop workload.
*Brackets mount to the factory radiator with the removal of the front electric fan.
*Expect trimming of your front bumper support for this install.
*Custom tuning required to suit the blow-thru style MAF configuration.