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$249.00 - On Sale

PROJECTB5 - Adjustable Front-Upper Control Arm Kit
Fits: B5 ALL VW Passat - B5, B6, B7, C5 - ALL Audi

Identical performance as the popular SPC units @ half the price.

-Set of four front adjustable upper control arms will allow +/-1.5° Camber and/or Caster change on your Audi/VW.
-Direct factory replacement of the upper fixed-length arms.
-Proven on both the street/track, these forged 6061-T6 aluminum ends feature turnbuckle style adjustment for simple changes on the fly.
-Sealed, maintenance free ball joints & bushings provide factory ride, handling, and great performance.

This set includes both adjustable upper control arms for the left and right side

Front Adjustment Range:
Camber: ±1.5°
Caster: ±1.5°

Sold as a pair