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PROJECTB5 - 300MM Rear Big Brake Kit
-A true 300mm rear brake kit without the need for a separate emergency brake caliper.

Fits: B5 A4/S4
C5 A6/AR V6

-Remanufactured Audi Calipers
-NEW Boots & Seals / Pistons & Bleeders replaced as necessary
-Ceramic Low-Dust Pads
-Coated Stainless Steel Brake hoses / Hardware
-300mm Rear Rotors (your choice of blank or drill&slot)
-Caliper Mounting Hardware
-ANY color powdercoat finish

*These kits are made to order, per your request. ~30-45 days

Compared to the more common bracket kit that spaces the factory B5 S4 (c43) rear calipers out to utilize a larger rotor, this offers full pad>rotor coverage with the larger calipers.
This is the "better" way to go full 300mm in the rear.