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$269.00 - On Sale

PROJECTB5 - AUDI 2.7TT VTA Catch Can Breather Kit

ALL 2.7tt Audi S4*, RS4*, A6*, ALL ROAD*

INCLUDES: 3-Port Canister, SS Filter, 3x Pre-Assembled breather hoses (trim to fit/extra length for wiggle room with can-mounting), 1x Galley Breather Line Heat Sheath, Hdwe.

-Tig welded aluminum cylindrical breather canister featuring an internal baffle (We powdercoat in an oe-style black textured finish)
*Canister features a drain valve at the bottom for easy servicing
-Outfitted with three -10AN ports for each valvecover as well as the galley breather on your 2.7TT (a simple design that will support your stock/big power builds alike)

-Installation is simple and cans typically mount on the pass side engine bay. There is an existing m6x1.0 threaded insert on the sheetmetal that provides the perfect mount
-Most customers swap over their old hose ends from the spider hose. (NEED: lighter and a razor/box cutter. Slice the plastic hose that has been shrunk over the hose end in a couple spots > heat with lighter and twist... should pop off easily to be swapped) (*Trim to fit)
-Other customers have fitted -AN fittings to their covers and used their own choice of hose ends.
*We suggest checking/draining every few weeks. This is a must in cold climates as such collected remnants can freeze.

Such an upgrade truly goes hand in hand with simplification/deletion of the factory EVAP & emissions mess. With proper ecu coding you will not throw a CEL as well as still be able to set readiness. We offer such services also, please contact us for more info.