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PB5 - M113k Mercedes AMG Longtube Headers
-The ultimate bolt-on exhaust upgrade for your supercharged V8 AMG car @ a nice price

2003-2006 E55 AMG
2004-2006 CLS55 AMG

-321 stainless steel, tig welded construction
-Individual 1.95" Runners that form a uniform 4>1 3" tube merge collector thats been hand ported.
-Stainless steel flex sections to eliminate any stress or cracking issues.
*Our headers were the first mass produced units to market that feature a high quality braided flex section to absorb movement. It's a common issue with stock exhaust to crack apart the catalytic converter ends or break studs due to lack of flex in the system.
-Includes the longtubes, mid-flex-section, xpipe, clamps/install hardware.

*You will need to turn off your secondary o2 sensors via. STAR diagnostic or have your ECU tuner code them out of your tune to eliminate a check engine light. Other customers have reported success with o2 spacers and foolers.

*With proper supporting mods, one can expect 40-50+hp gains over a factory exhaust system with such an upgrade.