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Aside from the performance side of things, we deal heavily in used Audi / VW parts. 

-Typically, we have several vehicles in various stages of the part-out process at any given time.

*That means we likely have that hard to find, annoying, trim piece that you broke last year and has been ratting and driving you crazy ever since...  We have quite the stockpile of any/all B5/C5 chassis and 2.7tt specific parts...

Anything and Everything:
-Complete Engines, Blocks, Heads, 6-Speed Conversion Kits, Harnesses, Hoses, Turbos, Accessories (ALT/PS/AC/STARTER), Coilpacks, ICM's, Fuel Pumps/Injectors, Suspension Pieces, Subframes, Axles, Nuts/Bolts/Brackets, Body Panels/Bumpers, Interior and Exterior goodies... you name it!